Baker Road Municipal Utility District Information
Baker Road Municipal Utility District Information

Baker Road Municipal Utility District (MUD) is responsible for trash collection and recycling as well as for water quality and all aspects of the WPL lakes, including fountains, lights on fountains, and cleanliness. The Windsor Park Lakes HOA does not have any role in any of these areas of responsibility. 

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Windsor Park Lakes Homeowners Association's Responsibilities include:
(but are not all-encompassing)
  • Enforcement of Bylaws and Deed Restrictions (see WPL website), therein ensuring the architectural integrity and enhanced valuation of the subdivision for its residents
  • Contract and manage services as needed, including but not limited to General Management Company, Security, Landscape Maintenance, Pool and Facility Servicing, General Maintenance, Legal Services
  • Establish an annual budget for operations and reserve for major asset replacement and manage expenditures accordingly, establish the annual assessment to meet the budget requirements, and develop accounting and financial reporting sufficient to manage the subdivision's business
  • Ensure that all subdivision assets are maintained to the highest standards and replaced as needed
  • Conduct an annual meeting and communicate to homeowners the status of all of the above
Baker Road Municipal Utility District's Responsibilities include:
(but are not all-encompassing)
  • Abide by all state and local legislative requirements established for utility districts 
  • Provide water for public consumption to all homes in the district, including treating and testing in accordance with public regulation standards
  • Provide sewage disposal and treatment for all homes in the district
  • Establish financing facilities, ie bonds, for the payment of water and sewage facilities
  • Establish an annual budget for retiring the bonds and operating the water and sewage facilities, establish the annual tax and operating assessment to meet the budget requirements, establish a billing program to assess district residents both the annual tax assessment and monthly operating costs needed to meet the budget requirements, and develop accounting and financial reporting sufficient to manage the district's business
  • Contract and manage contractors to ensure the district meeting all of the above, including legal, engineering, financial, taxing and operations of the facilities and within the district, and an annual audit to meet state requirements
  • Maintain the district lakes to provide desired recreational facilities within the district, including chemical applications as needed, maintenance of the waterfalls, fountains and lighting in lakes, assessment and restocking of fish as needed, and lake water filling and testing as needed to enhance the overall recreational value of the area
  • Establish and manage the district trash and recycling requirements
Baker Road MUD Meeting Information
Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month (except March, July and December) at 10:00 AM at the law offices of:

Schwartz, Page & Harding LLP
1300 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. 1400
Houston, TX 77056

For more information contact Daniel Ringold at 713-623-4531.

Agenda for the meetings are posted 72 hours before the meeting in the Baker Road MUD Bulletin Board at the Windsor Park Lakes Clubhouse (1607 Westshore Dr., Houston, TX 77094).

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Statement from Baker Road MUD's Auditor McCall Gibson Swedlund Barfoot PLLC:
"Our firm has served as Baker Road MUD’s auditor since 2009 and they have received unmodified audit opinions for each year’s audit.  The District has strong financial ratios and relatively low tax and water rates when compared to water utility districts in general."
Brian Toldan, CPA
McCall Gibson Swedlund Barfoot PLLC

To report problems with drinking water, fountains, lights on fountains, and cleanliness of lakes contact Hays Utility South Corp., Robin Secrest by email or call 281-353-9809.
To report problems with trash pick-up contact WCA Trash Collection at 281-368-8397.
Recycling Tips: To make recycling effective DO NOT include plastic bags (or place recyclables in plastic bags), plastic lids or caps, styrofoams and wash out plastic bottles.  If these rules are not followed the recyclables go to the landfill!  
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